We started out with a workshop, then we decided to share.

We are a group of researchers in engineering, physiology, medicine and robotics; we deal with Human-Machine Interfaces connecting non-invasively to the Peripheral Nervous System. We denote this kind of interfaces with our acronym, PNS-MI.

PNS-MIs are in the future of prosthetics, rehabilitation, teleoperation, smart control.¬†We discuss and investigate how to design, implement, optimize and apply them, especially to people in need of controlling machines in unconventional ways. Our overarching goals are to regularly organize scientific workshops and seminars to disseminate the Community’s ideas and results, as well as to reach the general audience, improve the state-of-the-art of Human-Machine Interfaces, and to cultivate new approaches and ideas.

Community chairs:
Panagiotis Artemiadis, Arizona State University, USA
Claudio Castellini, Robotics and Mechatronics Center, DLR, Germany