Special Issue on Rehabilitation Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction

Deadline extended to November 11, 2013, due to multiple requests

ROBOTICA invites papers for a special issue entitled “Rehabilitation Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction”.

The demand for motor rehabilitation is growing apace with the graying of the population. The utilization of robotic devices in sensorimotor rehabilitation therapy has received increased attention during the last decade. Despite the growing interest in using robotic devices for rehabilitation of sensorimotor function, their widespread use remains somewhat limited by a number of factors, including the assessment of the true cost-to-benefit ratio relative to other types of rehabilitation approaches and parameters that would optimize their long-term efficacy. Understanding human sensorimotor control and brain plasticity can provide insight into the design of robot hardware and controllers with the appropriate reference or desired output. On the other hand, the control of the physical interaction of the therapeutic device with the subject in order to effectively accelerate recovery is of paramount importance. This special issue focuses on the current state of knowledge about sensorimotor control and brain plasticity, models of sensorimotor functional recovery, and use of intelligent robot controllers to provide robotic-assisted therapy for motor rehabilitation.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
– Neural control of movement
– Medical and healthcare robotics
– Robots for clinical assessment
– Stroke rehabilitation
– Neural plasticity
– Rehabilitation robotics
– Sensorimotor control and learning
– Human-robot control interfaces and interaction
– Assistive devices

11 November 2013 Deadline for submission of papers
31 December 2013 First decisions to authors
31 March 2014 Second decisions to authors
May 2014 Final publication materials due from authors
July 2014 Special issue publication

Submission Process:
Please submit your manuscript or check status online at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/robotica
You will need to click “Create Account” to obtain a user ID and a password. Then follow the online instructions to submit your manuscript.  Please contact the Editorial Assistant ateic.robotica@gmail.com, if you have questions.
For the paper to be considered for the Special Issue, make sure you include the word “rehabilitation” in the keywords. Moreover, please contact the Guest Editors directly to confirm that you submitted through the online system, and provide your manuscript number.
There is no template required to submit a paper, and the publisher re-keys accepted manuscripts.

Guest Editors:
Panagiotis Artemiadis, PhD, Arizona State University (Panagiotis.Artemiadis@asu.edu)
Marco Santello, PhD, Arizona State University (Marco.Santello@asu.edu)

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